2014 ‘s Best Tech News & Gadget Websites

I am addicted to technology. I love reading about it. I love playing with it. I love learning from it. I browse many technology websites and blogs nearly every day. In everything that is done there are those who do something well and those who do something not so well. Here is a list of my favorite websites who have a general focus on technology and gadgets.

  1. The Verge: The newest of the crop. These blokes orginally wrote for Engadget, but left in exodus to from ‘The Verge.’ The site has since expanded to include various topics not all related to technology. However, they still offer some of the best writing on technology.
  2. Engadget: AOL owns this website. And though they briefly suffered from the exodus of the majority of their staff writers who left with to form The Verge, they somehow managed to retain the excellent quality in writing. Also great reporting.
  3. Ars Technica: The first two websites in this list are great for those who want a quick read on review or the latest in technology news. However, if you have more time, a long commute on the train to work, or just want to reading something much more in depth, I submit to you: Ars Technica. This is one of the few websites who will publish an article entirely devoted to an Operating System and write an extremely long an informed review with several parts.
  4. AnandTech: This is a webiste for the people who are not simply fans of technology. Another term for this would be what is now known as a ‘Geek.’ AnandTech is a website for nerds. People who actually know what all the terms mean. And people who don’t mind reading an article that refuses to dumb down itself for the mass and instead offers reviews in exact technical terms.
  5. Gizmodo: I go here from time to time. This website is owned by the same company who publishers Lifehacker.com, Jezebel, Gawker and a few others. I like this website. But again, it is more for a quick read than an in-depth analysis. They do have fun top (place random number here) lists.
  6. CNET: This website used to be great. Until CBS Interactive, who owns them, started intervening. They had to remove a review they had posted because it was negative toward a product which CBS Interactive owns. Whether or not they are continuing to do this is beside the point. They never apologized nor never confirmed similar action would cease. I go here from time to time. But I view this website more for light fun and entertainment. I go here less and less nowadays.
  7. Tested: Less of a technology news website and more of a fun blog owned by the guys at ‘Myth Busters.’ Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not. Anyone who is fan of Jamie and Adam from ‘Myth Busters’ should enjoy it. Though, I do feel some of the people they have hired as writers/reviewers on their website aren’t up to the task. But to each his/her own.
  8. Tom’s Hardware: This is more for those who are ready to build their first Frankenstein. Be it a Hackintosh, an extreme gaming PC, or maybe a Raspberry Pi inspired thing-a-ma-jig.
  9. How To Geek: Great website for those who are not savvy enough to figure things out but want to know how to do something out of the ordinary with their PC, Android, or whatever you have.
  10. TechCrunch: Another good one. Also a good place to learn about the latest in up-and-coming technology.

Post Script on The Verge: The Verge is starting to grow as a website and as a creator of great content. They are offering amazing articles on fascinating topics and some of the most incredible and intuitive graphical layouts I have seen thus far. Just food for thought.

Originally published at jordanaubryrobison.squarespace.com on January 28, 2014.


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