You shouldn’t give a damn what people think. But for some of us, that is easier said than done. The idea of ‘How Not to Give a Damn,’ is not an endorsement toward apathy. The idea of How Not to Give a Damn is more about how to let go of one’s social anxieties or how to live in the moment. To enjoy the moment and realize that you are not the center of the universe. Being extremely nervous around people or groups of people is a form of narcism. You might not think so, but it is. Even depression, save for the clinically depressed, is a form of narcism. It is wasteful thinking. Too much if which is spent on your person and others. You must learn that not everyone really thinks or cares as much about you as you might think. In life we all think we are the stars of our own movie. But that is not how the world perceives us.

I offer to you, dear reader, a method that will not cure the affliction. But instead might offer a helpful step toward not giving a damn. A step toward letting go of social anxieties.

Eat an apple.

Or peel an orange and eat its parts one by one. Eating an apple in front of people is a little obnoxious, sometimes. But I would argue that most feel pretty bad ass when eating the apple. Maybe like Robert Deniro playing a mobster. Or Thor flying through the sky with his might hammer. Or Batman going after bad guys all in the name of justice.

I have found that often, during the consumption of an apple I rarely feel as self-conscious as I was feeling before consumption of said apple. Social Anxiety is often considered by those unfamiliar as a silly diagnosis. But those of us who suffer through it don’t think it is so silly. How many of us missed out on perhaps having a good time because we were unable to relax with a group of our friends or peers. Sometimes, people think we’re mean or cold when in fact that is farthest from the truth. All we are is shy.

So eat an apple, my friend. Eat an apple and try to remember that feeling you get when you eat that apple. How it makes you feel like not giving a damn about what they are thinking or how it might affect you. Eat an apple my friend. Eat a fricking apple.

Originally published at on February 3, 2014.

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