I jailbroke my first iPhone like I hacked my first Android phone. It was fun and it gave me some freedoms with the operating system I did not have previously. However, it caused my iPhone to restart at the most inconvenient moments which then made me change my mind about Jailbreaking. After going through the process of jailbreaking my iPhone and reinstalling all of my apps I decided to revert to the original iOS: Secure. Closed. Familiar. But lately I’ve been thinking of doing it again. Perhaps it is boredom or perhaps it is curiosity. I admit I get bored with my gadgets and feel the urge to tinker with them from time to time and from time to time I do. Yes. This is definitely a first world problem. I find more enjoyment seeing what else I can do it that is out of the ordinary. Call me impatient. Call me a dreamer. Some call me a hero. Some call me for favors.

I just hate boredom. Granted there are times when I allow myself to spend hours watching Netflix. But after a while I realize how much time I have waisted. Or I just get tired of what I’m watching. I hate the feeling of being unproductive. But then again, sometimes I feel I deserve the chance to just vegetate in front of the TV, eat pizza or eat popcorn, and just watch an entire show.

But do I jailbreak or do I not? There are more important things in this world, Horatio, than a smartphone can fix. Maybe it would be better if I go out and volunteer, or rather than tinker with something, try to invent something. Only the lonely would know the answer to my driveling nonsense.

Originally published at www.jordanaubryrobison.com on February 4, 2014.

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