I Can’t Sleep Right now So I Write

Finding time to write usually means sleeping less. When writing is not yet one’s single source of income one must find time to write. I would prefer to be writing whenever I wanted and anytime of the day, but I have not succeeded in the endeavor. Perhaps one day. But not today. Until then am continuing to write when I have the time and when there is time to let me just find those moments to be lost in the duty of writing and to let my imagination run wild.

It’s hard to keep up and find time to devote to writing. Unless you’re collaborating, writing is very much a solitary ritual. Even so, you will have to make time to write. If you can’t make time to write, then perhaps you should find another hobby to pursue?

There is a greater drive in writers in which one is forced to answer to everyday: Writing. It calls to us. Sometimes at the most inopportune moments. We can only head to its will. We can only be at its service. We are only following orders. Afterall.

Even at my most stressful days, I do all I can to place at least an hour or two for writing. Be it a blog, be it a story, or maybe a simple poem. If I go through a day and I haven’t done something creative then I feel the day is wasted. That’s just me.

However, there are days when things don’t go well. When I am up till one in the morning … or later, forcing myself to write. Those are the evenings where I wake up the next morning tired as hell and drinking a lot of coffee to wake up. Then I come home still tired. Every now and then, I can keep this up for a while. But eventually I will become so exhausted that my body will tell me enough is enough. And I will have no choice but to make up for lost sleep and not do any writing that day.

When I am in a position where I can write for a living then I hopefully won’t have this kind of problem. Until that day comes, I will live this sort of lifestyle. At least, until something better comes along.

Originally published at www.jordanaubryrobison.com on May 12, 2014.


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