How to be Successful Pitching at a Pitchfest

Finished Writing … Now What? So, you’ve finished writing your baby. The long sleepless days of writing and re-writing are now over. You have had the right people read your script (Friends, Family, Enemies?). You have received all the feedback for the time being and made appropriate changes. Now what? Now what do you do with this […]

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken

Life is as meaningless as existing. So say the nihilists. Though true these thoughts may be they should not be reasons for depression or melancholy. Instead the focus should be, as Albert Camus suggested, to find a meaning out of the nothing. “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness […]

On Writing Right After Publishing my First Book

  No one tells you writing the second book is even harder than the first book. After one writes the first book the first question often asked: “So, when is the second one coming?” I have no flippity flopping idea. It will come when it comes and when I am ready and able to write […]

History is the Fiction We Invent to tell Ourselves Life has Order

When I studied history in college I was taught to view history as a series of ongoing arguments and not a list of things which truly happen or a list of key dates to memorize so I could win in the next Trivial Pursuit. This is more true, I think, than we give it credit. […]

How to Write in a Coffee Shop without Wearing a Turtleneck

He walked into the coffee shop and ordered a Triple, Large, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato. He waited impatiently while stroking his goatee, fixing his large black-rimmed glasses, and checking his twitter account. They called his name twice. He didn’t answer because by that time he was in the middle of typing a massive email […]

I Keep Forgetting to Blog because I’m Lazy

ONLY THE BEGINNING Hello. I’m here now. Better late than never. Right? I have been wanting to do this for some time now. Having traversed the long narrow and winding road of writing a first novel I thought I had earned a small break. I sunk in my chair feeling very tired. My fingers were […]

My Amateur Recommendations on Learning Computer Coding

Online learning for free is the new wave. Or just becoming more popular. Not sure which of these statements is more true, but thanks to technology and the internet (interwebz for those of us who are more technically inclined), it is becoming increasingly easy to gain knowledge from actual online college courses all for free. […]

The Best Way to Read a Book Using Your SmartPhone’s Screen

Disclaimer: This blog post is full of silly adverbs. You’ve been warned. Read a Book. That sentence is no longer as simple as those three minute words might have originally conveyed. In the world of today (today being 2015), reading a book is followed not only with what? but also how? What you read is part-one or […]