iPad Pro Chronicles [Introduction]

This is the beginning of a series of related articles where I document my journey making the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 in model as my main computer. This is no doubt, inspired by the Macstories article written by Federico Viticci.

Part One: Introduction

Ever since reading about Apple’s 2017 WWDC and watching the highlight videos, for the first time in my life, I started thinking about transitioning my computer workflow from a MacBook to an iPad. The opportunity to try to experiment seemed silly to me until I saw what Apple was planning for the upgrade to their iPhone and iPad operating system: iOS 11.

The ability to add multitasking to the iPad via a touch-focused interface sparked my curiosity. I am somewhat of a tech-junkie. I enjoy trying out new technology for the sake of experimentation. I will admit experimenting can sometimes hinder me from getting stuff done. And sometimes I’ll waste an entire weekend trying to learn how to use some new productivity tool. Copy over all of my notes to a new note-taking platform, etc.

This leaves me with an abundant amount of useless knowledge that only comes handy on those rare occasions when someone needs help with something. Then I have to make sure I steer that fine line between teaching and over-explanation. Do you get me? I know you do.

My current job situation has provided me with a MacBook Pro. Not the latest and greatest model, but I MacBook Pro, nonetheless. I was planning to upgrade from my MacBook 2015 12 inch to one of the 2017 MacBook Pro models. But since my work has aloud me to use one of their MacBooks during my employment, and since the MacBook I currently own has already been prepared to be given to a family member of mine (My father told me a few weeks ago he needed a new laptop, so this seem like the best solution.), I decided I needed something I could use but truly personal: an iPad Pro.

MacBooks have long been considered Apple’s first attempt at creating a story for consumers. A personal account and personal identification with a laptop. Granted, it has blown-up into a status symbol in some circles. And I can’t count how many times I’ve seen only MacBooks at Starbucks. But I digress.

Apple has long argued that iOS is the full expression of the future of personal computing and personalization with an electronic device. What, in this day in age, is more personal than a smart phone? Perhaps a tablet?

There are some limitations still present with iOS. Even with the additions coming in iOS 11 this fall, it is still not capable of multi-tasking. And the browsers available to iPad are all mobile focused. Which can reduce the web opportunities one would have available to them in a complete iOS environment.

These challenges, along with the opportunity to experiment, are what I will try to address from this day forward. I will document my trials and tribulations with the iPad Pro in these: iPad Chronicles.


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