iPad Pro Chronicles: Using it as my Main Computer

This is the beginning of a series of related articles where I document my journey making the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 in model as my main computer. This is no doubt, inspired by the Macstories article written by Federico Viticci.

Part One: Inception

I am writing this article on my new iPad Pro 2017 with the maximum amount of storage (512 GB). The total price of this purchase, including the Apple Smart Keyboard, cost more than a cheap Windows laptop. It’s almost the same price as Apple’s base MacBook model. Why didn’t I just get instead of this … thing?

Well for one, I have been living with a MacBook, of the twelve-inch variety, for the better of two years. Granted, the 2017 version of the MacBook is much more powerful and capable, and more storage options, than what was available in 2015. But sometimes I do enjoy torturing myself.

Reading the Reviews

After the new iPad Pro was officially released, I read and watch every review I could. I learned something during my research. A lot of the reviews were redundant. They focused on the same specs, they mentioned the benchmarks which showed the new iPad Pros were indeed capable of desktop performance, but none of them went in-depth. No one took the time to write a genuinely thorough piece on the iPad. The only ones doing that were Federico Viticci on MacStories.net and amateur reviewers on Reddit and online forums. Sad!

But Viticci usually waits a year to write his opus reviews. And of course, why not? They are probably the most detailed reviews available on the internet. And he waits until he has tried everything and exhausted every possibility before writing about it.

My Approach

What I shall do here is write as I experiment. I know I am not the only one doing this. But at least I can share my journey on the internet. And maybe you won’t make the same mistake I make. And maybe one of you can give me advise when I run into a roadblock.

About Me

A am a writer. Though it has been a long time since I’ve written anything of significance. Several years ago I self-published a novel. My first attempt into the world of writing. Though I haven’t written anything substantial in a very long time, I have recently found the motivation to pick myself back up again. To plow through that nasty voice in my head that says, “It’s too hard!” Or “You’re not a writer” or, “Real writers write every day.” Well, I would love to write every day (and maybe one day I will), but writing is a personal journey. Just like life we each have unique steps to take that are especially us. This is me. This is you.

Let’s take a crack at the iPad Pro journey together.


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