iPad Pro Chronicles: Using iOS 11 Beta

The iPad is a force.

The hardware is powerful and ready to compete. And the operating system in its current Beta setting is willing to help Apple’s year’s long argument: the iPad can be your only personal computer …

… if you’re not a web or app developer, video editor, photo editor, graphic artist, statistician who needs a powerful computer that can run powerful stats software, like desktop browsers that allow one to use plugins and add-ons, etc., etc., etc.

But there is so much more … so much left to be developed.

I bought the 12.9-inch pad because I decided if I wanted to be able to experience multiple apps on the same screen, I would need the screen space to help make it easier for me to view them. The 10.5-inch screen iPad is compelling. But when using multiple apps, each app is on this screen size defaults to the phone version instead of the iPad. I feel like the 10.5 iPad Pro would be a great accessory to a laptop. But if you are like myself and are trying to go fully absorbed in the iOS world, then the 10.5-inch iPad just won’t cut it.

However … yes .. However, some apps are not yet optimized for the 12.9 screen. Worse yet, these iPad apps, even those that are optimized for the full screen still don’t treat the iPad as an iPad Pro. So few apps have yet to utilize the potential of an iPad Pro. And very few have yet been updated to use the all the new possibilities now available in iOS 11 beta.

Well, that is what you get when you go Beta

When you take on the role of an early adopter, you also take the risk that everything will not be ready. You allow yourself to be the guinea pig. It kind of sucks. But I was fully aware what I was getting myself into when I finally took the plunge. I kept telling myself to wait.

Just wait …

… Just wait until iOS 11 is no longer in Beta. Just wait until more apps have been updated to optimize the new hardware and iOS 11. But as soon as my 2015 12” MacBook’s screen begans to flicker (yes I tried resetting the nvram, and I did a number of other things to try to troubleshoot) [^1]. I found was suddenly convincing myself that I would be better off getting the new iPad Pro NOW rather than upgrading to a 2017 MacBook Pro.

And honestly, I’m still not impressed with the new MacBook Pros. I have a feeling 2018 will be the year Apple will upgrade the MacBook Pro’s battery’s to be tethered like the 12” MacBook. The year Intel finally gets their shit together and makes chips worth upgrading to or the year Apple finally says, “Introducing the new MacBook Pro, now using an ARM chip. Check out that battery life …”

Nothing is Polished

Nothing is polished in Betas. But let’s be honest, in Apple’s history of OS releases, neither will be iOS 11 1.0. More often than not, the iOS OS is not polished until version 2.5 or version 3.0. And sometimes that is not until four months into the lifespan fo the OS. iOS 11 is slated to be released in October. So, that means not until around January or February will iOS be polished a mostly debugged. Sigh.

Stop Complaining

Complaining is my favorite thing to do after I get home from work. For almost nine hours a day, I can’t complain. I have to stay focused and try to find solutions to any problem thrown my way. Also I have to tell myself to not freak out. Over and over again.

But when I get home and sit behind my writing machine — my personal consumption machine — my drawing whatchamacallit — I get to complain ladies and gents. I probably shouldn’t. It’s not very stoic. But it’s good to vent from time to time. It can be cathartic.

Betas is as Betas Does

So far the only glaring issue I’ve ran into using the iPad Pro is not being able to use a fully flesh-out web browser. I find it somewhat confusing that Apple has not given the iPad’s version of the Safari browser the same power and function as their desktop version of Safari. But I am goin to focus a whole blog on that on a later date.

The iPad Pro has so much unlocked potential. Maybe in another year will more developers begin to update their apps to have pro versions? Or maybe some of them are doing just that and have yet to release them?

Regardless, the 2017 iPad Pro has a beautiful screen. My eyes have yet to feel the strain I usually get when staring at a MacBook or my work’s desktop monitor.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

[^1]: Incidentally. I did end up fixing my 2015 12-inch MacBook. I had to reset the entire machine like brand new. After going through all those loopholes just to fix the screen. And mind you, had I took it into the Apple store, the cost to repair it would have been almost as much as the cost to buy a new laptop. Anyway, I am going to give my MacBook to a family member who needs a new laptop and can’t afford one right now.


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