I Stopped Writing because I was Trying to be Perfect

I stopped writing for a long time because I focused on perfection. Instead of filling an empty page with content. I filled it with my frustration. I had already written a novel. So far my first and only book. Every time I tried to write something else I would get stuck. I stopped because of […]

‘A Quiet Place ‘ is a Simple Horror Film Brilliantly Executed

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR7cc5t7tv8 A Quiet Place (2018), is a thriller of a horror film. The story is about a family forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. Here is a film with a unique concept that could have been quickly reduced to cheap thrills. Instead, this is a movie with excellent […]

I Left Goodreads because I don’t See a Benefit Anymore

Yesterday I deleted my Goodreads account. I had an author’s profile. It proved not as useful as was promised. I first joined several years ago. Early as a regular member. Then I graduate to an author’s account after I published my first novel. Now that has all been deleted. Cache cleared. No longer am I […]

Unsubscribe me from Your Newsletter

 Nowadays I hesitate when I open any website or app which asks me to sign-up with my email. It seems the only way to sign-up for anything these days is via Facebook, Twitter, Google, or your email. Not wanting to share my Facebook profile with every potential marketer—I often choose to sign-up via my email. […]