Returning to the iPad Pro

I was waiting for Apple to release new MacBook models this past 2018 WWDC. That didn’t happen. As soon as Tim Cook said in his opening statement, “this is all about software,” I stopped paying attention.
Apple has an iPad problem. But more than that — Apple has a Macbook problem. With Apple’s inability to decide to continue to support the Mac line, or go all in iOS, a trillion dollar company leaves much to be desired.
A week later I found myself resolving to buy an iPad Pro, again. I decided no matter what laptop Apple releases this year I would wait until next year. Had I known they would release their 2018 MacBook Pro models only a month later I might have not been so hasty.
Hindesite is always 20 / 20, so they say.
In the past, I have been one of those Apple Fan Boys who would take a day off from work to watch the WWDC. That way I would be uninterrupted and distracted by my work responsibilities. I found less cause to do that nowadays. I find myself sometimes frustrated by the lack of innovation at Apple.
Does Apple still innovate? Not so much anymore. But Apple has figured out how to make money. A lot of money!

Selling my iPad Pro Last Year

Since selling my 12.9 iPad Pro last year, I had been dreaming about replacing it with the perfect MacBook Pro. But maybe what I want from Apple will never happen. Maybe I am overthinking it? Maybe there are more important things with which to occupy my time? So many maybes and so many scenarios while saved money burns red in my pocket.
Money that should’ve stayed in my savings went toward an electronic consumption device.
Visions of the 10.5 iPad Pro began dancing in my head. 10.5 would present itself as the perfect size and solution to all my problems.
I could hold it like a tablet at home and yet use it as a full computer. I knew this was possible. It would need a lot tweaking. A lot of adapting. But there were ways to use the iPad almost like that of a full fledged desktop level computer. Or full fledged level laptop.
The temporary solution. A cheaper solution. And then maybe, if I decide so, I’ll get a MacBook in 2019. Or maybe a Windows machine? Or dare I say it … maybe a Chromebook?
After making up my mind I pulled the trigger.
With the extra set of knowledge at my fingertips. I did a few things different this time around.

No Smart Keyboard

I opted to not get the Apple Smart Keyboard. I remember not enjoying it. It was not comfortable to type on and often slowed me down. Though, thinner than some of the other options, it proved too restrictive in practice.
Also, the extra weight of the keys on the end of the Smart Keyboard when used as a cover often flapped open at the end.

Logitech Slim Combo

I went with the Logitech Slim Combo for the 10.5. From what I read, the biggest complaint for this Keyboard was how much bulk it adds to the iPad.
With a keyboard (the only other keyboard which uses the Smart Connector, other than Apple’s keyboard), and cover, and a hinge on the back allowing one many view angles. I also decided other keyboard options since I had budgeted myself for a laptop. I could spend a little more on other keyboards and try to find out which might work best for me.

What I Love about the Logitech Slim Combo

So far I enjoy typing with this keyboard. The keys are a bit closer together. But typing on this feels good. I tried mechanical keyboards for a bit. But the one I had used Bluetooth 3.0. It proved useless and not as effective.

Loving the Hinge

With an ability to use many viewing angles, is such a nice change from the Apple Smart Keyboard that folded into one single viewing angle. The hinge takes up more real estate being there, but now I can disconnect my keyboard, and use it with my iPad if all I need is to have my iPad prompt somewhere. Already, this has come in handy when I’m cooking and need my only my iPad so I can view any recipe I might be cooking that day.
The slot for the Apple Pencil. It’ a nice addition. The Apple Pencil is there whenever I need it. Also, I won’t forget it or forget about it if I had left it in my backpack.

What I Don’t Like about the Slim Combo

It’s very thick. The plus side of this is I know my iPad is protected. But, yeah. It’s thick in my backpack.
The keyboard falls off and is loose. This is a minor fault. I need to remember the keyboard isn’t attached. It’s connected. When I pick up the iPad in the Slim Combo, I need to pick up the keyboard, or at least, close it, before I take it with me somewhere else.
The hinge is also a pain now that it takes up more space than before. So, I have to be aware of it where ever I put it.


I’ve learned a bit more since my last try with an iPad Pro. The first time when I purchased the iPad Pro I did so right before the release of iOS 11. At the time I was anticipating all the features iOS 11 promised for the iPad back during Apple’s 2017 WWDC. But iOS 11 took a long time to be bug-free. It took as long for most apps to update and start utilizing some of iOS 11 features. Along with the power available in an iPad Pro.
iOS 11 is so much better now. I should’ve waited a year for iOS 11 to mature, along with the apps. At iOS 11.4, Apple seems to have worked out most of the kinks. I have learned my lesson: I will not be updating to iOS 12 until version .3. It’s too risky to do so right away.
Sorry, Apple … but you’re going to need to earn our trust back on this one.


Man! Some of the games now available, like Civilization VI, would not have been considered possible a year ago. This thing is like a laptop, but not.
Civilization VI is not cheap so I have yet purchased the full version. I’m waiting for the eventual sale to bring the price down. I never thought I would be playing this game on an iPad Pro.


There are still a lot of things I have yet to learn. I’m going to take more time to learn about everything I can do with the iPad Pro. Along with how to use some of the available apps. And one other thing ….
I want to learn how to Code via the iPad. Yes! If this is where we are heading, I might as well learn how to code here first. Maybe I will be more ready than before to develop my own apps? Who knows?
Regardless, the iPad Pro is once again my main computer for writing. For the time being.

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