Honest Passionate Writing Begins with Failure

If you don’t have a passion for writing, then you’re wasting your time.

Writing static words put next to each other is for the technical writers. If you’re not writing clear and concise instructions, then you are not writing with passion.

Write with a passion for finding your voice.

What Do I Mean?

What does it mean to write with passion? I’ll explain.

Writing with passion means you must hide nothing when you write. Be vulnerable. Be truthful.

Many of us are custom to hiding ourselves in the public world. It’s often how we protect ourselves from any opportunity would-be bullies or jerks. Or any attempt that might harm is some shape or form.

We do this because it is part of our survival instincts.

Find your passion and then write about it. Do not fret if the words don’t come out perfect. Do not stop if you find you’ve written two pages of drivel.

Have Pride in Your Accomplishments

Be proud that you’ve written two pages. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Then go for a walk. Read a book. Watch an episode of your favorite show. Play your favorite video game for thirty minutes to an hour.

Do whatever you need to do to relax and not dwell on what you have written.

Then grab some tea or coffee or whatever you like to drink. Go back to what you have already written and re-write everything.

This is how you improve yourself as a writer. Not by writing but by re-writing. Re-writing. Always re-writing.

Re-Write and Re-Write Some More

As you re-write, you will begin to notice your common mistakes. You will start to see your patterns. You will re-correct.

It’s often hard to re-write and proofread. Not everyone has someone whom they can go to review their work.

Tools to Help you Succeed

When in doubt use tools like Hemingway App and Grammarly.com to help you find things you have missed. Hemingway App helps focus your writing by helping you keep things simple. Grammarly.com is probably the best grammar-checker outside from a living and breathing proofreader.

Never accept all of Hemingway App’s or Grmmarly.com’s recommendations. These are programs. They are tools to help you, but they are not complete proofreaders.

Trust me on this. From my experience, Grammarly.com and Hemingway App do not always understand the context of a sentence or word usage.

Online Writing Communities

Also, there are many online communities out there. People willing to proofread your work in exchange for your help in return. The Writing Cooperative offers a tremendous Slack community. Where you can communicate with hundreds of people like yourself. It helped me, and it can help you too.

Through my amateur writing career, I have made every mistake known to writers past, present, and future. Use me as an example of what not to do.

Never Quit

Never stop writing. Never quit. Never lose your passion.

Passion is never quitting. Passion is being consistent. Passion is being productive. Passion is difficult, but it gets the job done.

Write with a passion to find your voice. And then share your view with the rest of the world.

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