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Or how I saw only half of a movie during a typical Saturday cinema escapade. Yesterday my wife and I made an attempt to see Christopher Nolan’s new supposed masterpiece, Dunkirk. We were both mildly excited while not one hundred percent sure what the film would be about. We knew the film was a World […]

Image of Time Machine Settings

When I opened my browser yesterday morning I found myself bombarded with numerous references, memes, gifs, photos, commercials, etc., … all because today was Back to the Future Day. A made up holiday to celebrate the day when the film’s fictional characters Marty McFly and Doc go to the future in Back to the Future II. […]

Finished Writing … Now What? So, you’ve finished writing your baby. The long sleepless days of writing and re-writing are now over. You have had the right people read your script (Friends, Family, Enemies?). You have received all the feedback for the time being and made appropriate changes. Now what? Now what do you do with this […]