Don’t See ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ Unless You’ve Already Seen the Previous Films

WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD Avengers: Infinity Wars is the film to see right now. Fair warning: If you haven’t been watching the Marvel movies in the last ten years, then don’t expect to have any idea what is going on. This film assumes you’ve seen all the previous films. It wastes no time on […]

‘A Quiet Place ‘ is a Simple Horror Film Brilliantly Executed A Quiet Place (2018), is a thriller of a horror film. The story is about a family forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. Here is a film with a unique concept that could have been quickly reduced to cheap thrills. Instead, this is a movie with excellent […]

Watching ‘Marty’ (1955) for the First Time with my Wife

It was a Thursday evening, and we couldn’t think of what to watch. Being people typical of our circumstance, we had every intention of better spending our time, and not wasting it like so many of us do day in and day out.  Scrolling through via my Apple TV, I suddenly found myself wanting […]

How to See ‘Dunkirk’ without Watching the Film

Or how I saw only half of a movie during a typical Saturday cinema escapade. Yesterday my wife and I made an attempt to see Christopher Nolan’s new supposed masterpiece, Dunkirk. We were both mildly excited while not one hundred percent sure what the film would be about. We knew the film was a World […]

An Actor Prepares: On Revenant, DiCaprio, and the Silly Things Actors Do in Order to Play Pretend

He risked hypothermia, he ate bison liver, and slept in an animal carcass. Or so actor Leonardo DiCaprio, claims. These are just of some of the stupid things he and other actors like him do when playing pretend. All in pursuit of Oscar glory. But will he finally get the golden statue named Oscar which […]

Back to the Future Day

When I opened my browser yesterday morning I found myself bombarded with numerous references, memes, gifs, photos, commercials, etc., … all because today was Back to the Future Day. A made up holiday to celebrate the day when the film’s fictional characters Marty McFly and Doc go to the future in Back to the Future II. […]

How to be Successful Pitching at a Pitchfest

Finished Writing … Now What? So, you’ve finished writing your baby. The long sleepless days of writing and re-writing are now over. You have had the right people read your script (Friends, Family, Enemies?). You have received all the feedback for the time being and made appropriate changes. Now what? Now what do you do with this […]