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I am addicted to technology. I love reading about it. I love playing with it. I love learning from it. I browse many technology websites and blogs nearly every day. In everything that is done there are those who do something well and those who do something not so well. Here is a list of […]

Online learning for free is the new wave. Or just becoming more popular. Not sure which of these statements is more true, but thanks to technology and the internet (interwebz for those of us who are more technically inclined), it is becoming increasingly easy to gain knowledge from actual online college courses all for free. […]

Disclaimer: This blog post is full of silly adverbs. You’ve been warned. Read a Book. That sentence is no longer as simple as those three minute words might have originally conveyed. In the world of today (today being 2015), reading a book is followed not only with what? but also how? What you read is part-one or […]