Writing is a Challenge Where You can Easily Succeed

It’s a challenge to write. Every morning waking up with the determination to write. Or getting home after work to devote time to writing. Or to crawling into bed so you can write for a short moment before going to sleep. No matter when you do writing it’s always a challenge. A challenge to be [...]

6 Months with the Apple Watch’s Beautiful Imperfections

The first time I can remember someone using a watch for something more than a thing which tells time was in the 1987 film, Dragnet. I was only a kid mind you, but when a young Tom Hanks started watching TV from his wristwatch I was mesmerized. Later on, I was disappointed to find out [...]

I Still Remember Columbine, 284 Shootings Later

More than a week ago it happened again. Ten dead in a high school in Texas.  Again grief described as overwhelming. The pain is unbelievable. The astonishing act. The hero who risked his or her life to save many. Again the pit of my stomach turns as I swipe through the headlines on my phone. [...]

How to be Successful on Medium without Really Trying

This past week I experienced something I never experienced before on Medium. A  successful and popular article . Cue the confetti. In this article, I will detail every methodical step I took to achieve sheer popularity on Medium. How I received acceptance from my fellow writers. I will write how this validation finally made me [...]

I Write in the Morning to be Less Distracted

5:30 AM. I creep out of bed fighting the urge to crawl back in. Resisting the urge to snuggle between the warm sheets. Fighting the urge to keep my head resting on my fluffy pillow. Instead, I shuffle my way toward the bathroom where I take to pee and take a shower. I let the [...]

Google Keeps Making Me Regret Using their Services

About three months ago I resolved to start using Google’s  URL Shortener  service. It was free and offered basic analytics allowing me to track the number of clicks for my shortened URLs. I had hoped Google might one day incorporate https://goo.gl/ into Google’s massive and powerful Google Analytics program. Google is, after all, an ad [...]

Don’t See ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ Unless You’ve Already Seen the Previous Films

WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD Avengers: Infinity Wars is the film to see right now. Fair warning: If you haven’t been watching the Marvel movies in the last ten years, then don’t expect to have any idea what is going on. This film assumes you’ve seen all the previous films. It wastes no time on [...]

I Stopped Writing because I was Trying to be Perfect

I stopped writing for a long time because I focused on perfection. Instead of filling an empty page with content. I filled it with my frustration. I had already written a novel. So far my first and only book. Every time I tried to write something else I would get stuck. I stopped because of [...]

‘A Quiet Place ‘ is a Simple Horror Film Brilliantly Executed

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR7cc5t7tv8 A Quiet Place (2018), is a thriller of a horror film. The story is about a family forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. Here is a film with a unique concept that could have been quickly reduced to cheap thrills. Instead, this is a movie with excellent [...]