iOS Needs a Desktop Quality Web Browser

One of the main features holding iOS back is the web browsers. All of them.  iOS’s default web browser is Safari. And because it is built to be baked in with the operating system, it still stands as the best web browser for iOS users. There are other options, of course, which I have mentioned […]

The End of the iPad Chronicles

I had intended to write a year’s worth of articles about my experience using the iPad Pro full-time as my main computing device. Granted, my current job, which is in web development, requires that I use a laptop and has issued me one accordingly. Not to say I didn’t give it the old college try. […]

iPad Pro Chronicles [Introduction]

This is the beginning of a series of related articles where I document my journey making the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 in model as my main computer. This is no doubt, inspired by the Macstories article written by Federico Viticci.Part One: IntroductionEver since reading about Apple’s 2017 WWDC and watching the highlight videos, for the […]

iCloud and its Future

In the summer of 2014 when Apple introduced its new version of iCloud I was both curious and excited. Being a self-admitted tech-geek I jumped into the new iCloud without looking back. I’m one of those people who likes to try the newest and latest in technological advances. Sometimes for better. And sometimes for worse. […]

My Amateur Recommendations on Learning Computer Coding

Online learning for free is the new wave. Or just becoming more popular. Not sure which of these statements is more true, but thanks to technology and the internet (interwebz for those of us who are more technically inclined), it is becoming increasingly easy to gain knowledge from actual online college courses all for free. […]